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Patient Portal Links

Established Patient of the practice:

Established patients of TriValley Primary Care are invited to review the Patient Portal Guide section if you have just received your user name and password for access to the Patient Portal, or if you are considering asking to be enabled on the Patient Portal. This is a good summary of what to expect.

If you are an experienced user of the Patient Portal, you may use this link to access TriValley's Patient Portal:

New (prospective) Patient:

New (prospective) patients to TriValley Primary Care have the ability to pre-register with the practice before their first visit. They are strongly urged to review the Patient Portal Guide section before doing so. Established patients should NOT use the link below to obtain a user name and password. Instead, established patients should request to be enabled on the Patient Portal at their next visit.

If you are a new (prospective) patient to TriValley, you may use the following link to pre-register prior to your first visit. Please telephone your TriValley office and inform them that you have pre-registered. (There isn't yet a means to record your TriValley office preference via this link. Your phone call will alert your TriValley office to look for your pre-registration information.)

Patient Portal Guide

The Patient Portal is a secure means for a TriValley patient to view and print significant portions of his/her health care information from any place with internet access. And, the TriValley patient has the ability to update select items of information affecting his/her care, treatment, condition or demographics and financial information.

Prerequisites: To use the Patient Portal each patient must have internet access and an email account. Internet access is necessary to access the Patient Portal, while email is used to notify a TriValley patient that new information has been posted to the Patient Portal.

Internet access is widely available, including free service at public libraries, book stores and coffee shops. Email service too is widely available with free service available from several sources including and to name two. Two key things to remember and record: How to access the email service (the internet/web address) and your user name and password for that service. It is recommended that you write these down and keep this where you can readily access it — including while traveling.

Privacy: With the Patient Portal, nothing about your care, treatment or condition is revealed in an email. Email is used to notify the patient that new information is available on the Patient Portal. Email is also used to notify a TriValley patient of an upcoming appointment, much like TriValley's telephone reminder service. Access on the internet is provided by a secure connection, with each patient having a unique user name and a personal password. Therefore, patients may share an email address but only the patient may log in and read his or her private health care information.

Patient Portal Services and Features: Note: Some but not all of the features/services listed below are available now. TriValley Primary Care intends to activate all of these over the next several months. Plus, other services and features will be added as they become available.

Through the Portal the PATIENT may:

  • request prescription refills from the medication list on file
  • request referrals
  • view / print Patient Summaries (a visit summary) of each of your visits
  • view / print your Personal Health Record (PHR)
  • view your lab results
  • request new laboratory testing
  • update your demographics (new address, phone number, etc. )
  • add certain elements of your history (for example, Family History)
  • add immunization records
  • view your appointment history
  • view your account statements

Through the Portal your DOCTOR may:

  • send your test results for your personal viewing with directions and comments
  • send messages and reminders regarding your health care
  • import information submitted by you to your electronic medical record
  • send appointment reminders

Note: For now, please use the Pay a Bill feature on the TriValley website to make a payment on an account This feature may be available on the Patient Portal in the future. Also, the ability to contact your provider (ask questions; have two-way conversation) via e-messaging is disabled.

Obtaining Access to the Patient Portal: Please inform the receptionist that you want the Patient Portal enabled and provide an email address. ("I want access to the Patient Portal") It is that simple.

If you wish to request access to the Patient Portal for your children (parents are encouraged to do so), you may share an email address, but each child will get his/her own user name and (temporary) password.

To be enabled for this service, TriValley Primary Care will give you a User Name and Temporary Password and direct you to the Portal address:

Upon initial log in, you will be directed to answer two security questions and will be directed to change your password to something only you will know.

Reminder: No private health care information will ever be sent to you by email. If TriValley Primary Care puts anything on the Patient Portal, you will receive an email informing you to log on to the Patient Portal to retrieve the message. The sender of the notice will be Please add this sender as a Safe Sender, Not Junk, a contact in your email address book or the equivalent in your email reader application.

Getting started: To get started, please make sure our staff has your current email address and add to your approved email senders list or to your email address book.

New (Prospective) Patients: Anyone intending to become a TriValley patient has the ability to pre-register prior to the first visit. Pre-registration has several benefits including assurance that the person's name, address and insurance information, among other data elements, are recorded correctly, and faster registration at the first visit. Another significant benefit is that the prospective patient will obtain access to the Patient Portal. With Patient Portal access, medical information, such as Family History and immunization history may be provided prior to the first visit, which helps the physician understand your health status and condition.

Responsibility: Patients enabled for the Patient Portal are responsible for logging in when they receive an email that new information has been provided. Failure to access the Patient Portal when notified is grounds for TriValley to suspend and deny access.

Ability to Terminate Access: You may end your access to the Patient Portal at any time. Just notify the receptionist at your next visit, or you may mail a request to the office saying that you want your access to end. (For security purposes, if you are not present, a written request is needed.)

Also remember to provide a new (changed) email address to the receptionist so that the Patient Portal remains available to you.

The physicians of TriValley Primary Care are pleased to offer our patients this robust and useful online service. Request access to the Patient Portal at your next visit. Your doctor will be pleased that you did, and before long, so will you!

Pay a Bill

This link takes you to a secure page for making payments online:

Pay a Bill Service

Disclaimer Agreement - Comment or Suggestion Form

TriValley Primary Care is providing the means for you to provide your comments and suggestions via this on-line link. This is intended to be an easy means to do this. So that this may be a good experience for all concerned, there are rules to follow. To proceed further, you must agree to the following rules:

  1. I agree to read the instructions on the comment form. In particular, I will carefully review the purpose and limitations statements on the form.
  2. I understand and agree that the comment form is NOT to be used as a means of dialog (two-way contact) with a TriValley physician or office, but rather to convey my thoughts on how the practice may be improved or recite my experience with TriValley staff, a provider, policy, or process. If I need to speak with a physician or nurse, I will call the office.
  3. I understand that this link is NOT to be used to ask a question. I will direct my questions to the medical office I visit or the TriValley Corporate office by means of telephone or U.S. postal service mail or in person as appropriate.
  4. I agree that I will NOT use this form to request services of any kind, but especially those that need immediate attention or where my health may be jeopardized by a delay.
  5. I understand that should I make a suggestion, I do so with no expectation of compensation or other remuneration, or for special treatment of any kind. I acknowledge that no compensation or special treatment will be forthcoming. Furthermore, I understand that TriValley has no obligation to give my suggestion any more than cursory consideration.
  6. I understand that my comment or suggestion may not be acknowledged. If I desire a response, I will call the office. If it is an urgent matter or an emergency, I agree to seek care at the most immediately available medical facility, including a hospital emergency room or I shall call 911, as appropriate.
  7. Special Notice: I understand that this form may NOT be used to make an allegation of serious wrong-doing (criminal or civil) by a TriValley provider or staff member. However, I may use this link (Contact Risk Manager) to file a report regarding an alleged serious or illegal action or criminal activity.

Having read and understanding all of the above, I agree to use the form for the stated purposes as shown on the form. By clicking the "I Agree" button, below, I affirm my intention to abide by the above rules.



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