How to Contact TriValley Primary Care

Matters relating to your care, your records and similar patient care topics must be directed to your physician (provider) or his/her office staff.  Please see the Office pages (via Our Practice page) for contact information.

You may request a prescription refill or a referral either by calling your provider's office or by the TriValley Patient Portal - recommended (see the Our Patient Services page).

You may pay a bill at any TriValley office or by the online Pay A Bill service.

If you have a suggestion or comment, you are urged to speak directly with your provider or his/her staff.  However, this website provides a method (the Feedback feature) to permit you to provide these.  You may also report an allegation of serious wrongdoing via this method.

If you have a question regarding a bill, or a medical claim, please direct that question to TriValley’s Corporate office at 215-257-8601 or use the mailing address below.

Electronic Messages: You may use the following e-mail address solely to communicate your concern regarding this website: Any other subject directed to this address will be "returned" without action. However, patients may send NON URGENT secure, private messages to their office via the TriValley Patient Portal.

For general, business, medical billing, and non-patient care matters, the Corporate office address is provided:

TriValley Primary Care
Corporate Office
519 South 5th Street, Suite 130
Perkasie, PA 18944

Guidance for Vendors

Vendors should contact a specific office regarding sales* and orders.  For prompt payment, vendors must mail invoices to the ordering office, unless specifically told otherwise.  To discuss an unpaid invoice, please contact the Corporate office.

A note on facsimile and e-mail use:  TriValley Primary Care considers contact by facsimile device (fax machine) and e-mail a privilege and not a right. Please do not fax material to a TriValley office unless that office gives permission to do so.  Note to vendors: Permission to fax material must be obtained on each occasion: there is no standing permission to fax a TriValley office.

Spam is an issue for every business.  If you have a TriValley e-mail address, please limit such communications to ongoing matters and within the context that the address was provided.  You are not permitted to share addresses with another party.

A note on solicitations:  Solicitations must be done by US Postal Service mail or courier service. Solicitations via telephone, fax and e-mail are not welcome and may well jeopardize an existing relationship or bar a prospective one.  If a solicitation is allowed by facsimile, you will be asked the number of pages, and are limited to the agreed upon number of pages.  Please eliminate graphics that have excessive “black” areas.  TriValley does not accept telephone surveys for any purpose.

*A solicitation for a TriValley provider to participate in a health plan must be directed to the Corporate office.

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